R3: Resilience, Response & Recovery Summit 2018 featured 20 different sessions across 2 distinctive streams.
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Chair’s Welcome


Interactive incident response – cyber breach simulation

  • Understand the different roles and responsibilities that are required in an organisation to respond effectively to a crisis
  • Explore the threshold between an emergency and a crisis
  • Understand why emergencies can be managed but crises need leadership
  • Recognise the interplay between different emergency and crisis management capabilities an organisation has in its toolbox and the dangers of developing them in organisational silos

by Dr. Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting, Sungard Show Profile

by Ron Miller, Principal Consultant, Sungard Show Profile

by Tom Holloway, Principal Consultant, Sungard Show Profile

by Will Owen, Resilience Consultant, Sungard Show Profile


The new era of cyber-threats: the shift to self-learning, self-defending networks

  • Leveraging machine learning and AI algorithms to defend against advanced, never-seen-before, cyber-threats
  • How new immune system technologies enable you to pre-empt emerging threats and reduce incident response time
  • How to achieve 100% visibility of your entire business including cloud, network and IoT environments
  • Why automation and autonomous response is enabling security teams to neutralize in-progress attacks, prioritise resources, and tangibly lower risk
  • Real-world examples of subtle, unknown threats that routinely bypass traditional controls

by John Dyer, Account Director, Darktrace Show Profile


Refreshment break & networking


Roundtable discussions

Roundtable 1
What is Network Traffic Analytics, and why is it going to rock your SOC(s off)?
Nick Willis, Regional Sales Manager, ExtraHop


Roundtable 2
Breach Readiness and Response
James McNab, Director, Cybersecurity Marketing; Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Cisco


Roundtable 3
The Evolution of Incident Response Challenges
Andy Yeates, Senior Engineer, IBM Resilient


Roundtable 4
Incident and Breach Management:  Building a Harmonized Response Plan for Privacy & Security Teams
Vipul Asher, Privacy Consultant, One Trust



WORKSHOP: What’s the business risk of a DDoS attack that lasts less than 10 minutes?

  • Real-world insight from Corero’s newly published research that most DDoS attacks are modest in scale and short in duration. In fact, the trend is that attacks are becoming even shorter
  • With so many attacks lasting only a few minutes, the key question is are these short duration attacks anything to worry about?
  • This live demonstration will illustrate the impact that these smaller attacks can have on service availability and how to defend against them
  • What are the business risks and penalties for those who fail to invest in adequate defences

by Andrew Lloyd, President & EVP of Sales and Marketing, Corero Show Profile


Lunch & networking


Chair’s opening remarks

by Paul Watts, CISO, Domino's Pizza Show Profile


CASE STUDY: Rethinking the human factor to build a risk-aware cyber security culture

  • People-related challenges and frustrations the industry is facing (Problem)
  • Why a new approach to awareness, behaviours and culture is required
  • Innovative approaches adopted by leading organisations (Solution)

by Flavius Plesu, Head of Information Security, Bank of Ireland UK Show Profile


HOW TO: Adopt Intelligent Orchestration to maximise SOC efficiencies

  • Automation has its place in improving SOC efficiencies, human intelligence is still one of the most important aspects in effective incident response.
  • Learn how Intelligent Orchestration can leverage automation in an uncertain world to empower your SOC team.

by Andrew Yeates, Senior Engineer, IBM Resilient Show Profile


PANEL DISCUSSION: What roles do your staff need to play for a quick recovery?

  • Sharing the “Good”, the “Bad” and the “Ugly”
  • How “The illusion of compliance” is not a culture of resilience
  • How can better connections be made between risk and a strong culture of resilience?
  • How the regulatory landscape is a base minimum

by Robin Jones, Head of Technology, Resilience and Cyber, Financial Conduct Authority Show Profile

by Simon Townsend, Chief Technologist EMEA, Ivanti Show Profile

by Thomas Christophers, Head of Risk, Thames Water Show Profile

by Jeremy Swinfen-Green, Head of Cyber Security Consulting, TEISS Show Profile


Refreshment break & networking


CASE STUDY: Why Google break critical systems on purpose

  • Google Scale – Serving a Billion users every day
  • How we built our organisation around resiliency and reliability
  • Why Google break things on purpose

by Tom Salmon, Customer Engineer for Google Cloud Platform, Google Show Profile


CASE STUDY: Reputational protection during a cyber attack – the right and the wrong way to lead crisis communication

  • Implications and practicalities of a cyber breach
  • Developing the Crisis Communications plan
  • Case study of the Crisis Communications Plan developed following a major data theft & extortion

by Tim Lambon, Director Crisis Response, NYA International Show Profile


BUSINESS UPDATE: Are you ready for the NIS Directive?

  • Discuss the recently enacted UK Network and Information System (NIS) Regulations, taking the view of an Operator of Essential Services
  • Looking particularly at the challenges that NIS is creating
  • Why the regulation is important
  • What companies can do to get their house in order

by Peter Gibbons, Chief Security Officer, Network Rail Show Profile


Close of Conference


HOW TO: Respond to ransomware effectively

  • What are the impacts and effects of the ransomware
  • Exploring the position of forensic readiness and investment in training
  • Possible preventative measures, and what not to do when a breach occurs
  • Practical steps to consider

by Tony Adams, Head of Investigations, Digital Forensics and Prevent Programme, National Cyber Crime Unit Show Profile


CASE STUDY: Managing the internal threat

by Jeremy Swinfen-Green, Head of Cyber Security Consulting, TEISS Show Profile


INTERACTIVE EXERCISE: How should executives respond to operational challenges during a cyber attack?

  • Join an executive simulation of a cyber-attack
  • As the simulation progresses, you must decide if, when and how to notify key stakeholders, assign resources and lead the business to recovery.
  • Is your Board Breach-Ready?
  • Does your Board have a Dashboard?
  • How do we compare with our Peers?

by Kevin Duffey, Managing Director, Cyber Rescue Show Profile

by Flavius Plesu, Head of Information Security, Bank of Ireland UK Show Profile

by Sandy Gilchrist, Data Privacy Officer, Whitbread Show Profile

by Shane Deegan, Head of Global Support for Data Incidents, Equifax Show Profile


Refreshment break & networking


CASE STUDY: Do you know what to do when cryptography breaks?

  • What makes quantum computers special compared to classical computers
  • Why they pose a threat to some of our current cryptographic systems
  • Why post-quantum security modelling can be difficult.
  • Prepare to use post-quantum cryptography

by Jens Groth, Professor of Cryptology and Director of Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research, UCL Show Profile


PANEL DISCUSSION: Tomorrow’s problems today – how do you prepare for IoT virus pandemics?

  • How would you define an “IoT virus pandemic”
  • What is the “Worst Case Scenario” envisioned in the event of a pandemic in your organisation, and how can this be simulated
  • How has your Pandemic/Incident response planning changed and developed in response to this “Worst Case Scenario”
  • What is your position on “legacy” IoT connected devices, which do not meet “higher” security standards
  • What approaches are you adopting in negotiating with (legacy) manufacturers of IoT devices

by David Deighton, CISO, University of Birmingham Show Profile

by Carsten Maple, Professor of Cyber Systems Engineering, University of Warwick Show Profile


Close of Conference



Drinks Reception

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