Kieren Lovell

Kieren Lovell

Head of Computer Emergency Response


Kieren Lovell is the Head of Computer Emergency Response Team, at the University of Cambridge. As well as leading one of the worlds Leading Universities in Incident Response, he is also an instructor of Information Security and Information Handling at the University.

Prior to this role, Kieren has spent the last fourteen years at the forefront of Information Security within the Navy; working on Submarines, Mine warfare and Patrol vessels for the Royal Navy (UK), and was a Communication and Information Security instructor for the Royal Norwegian Navy. During his tenure the Royal Norwegian Navy, he was awarded the rank of Kapteinloytant (LT CDR) and was the Chief Communications Officer (CISO) for NATO Standing NATO Maritime Group One (COMSNMG1) and was a Battlewatch captain during operations in the Gulf of Aden, to mitigate the Pirate Threat, for a nine month deployment.

Kieren has worked in fifty countries, with just over seven years on live operations.

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